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3D model for coloring
3D model for coloring

3D model for coloring
The Marritime House

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Product Description

Entertaining 3D model for coloring, suitable for children over the age of 3 years. Develops the  fine motor skills, imagination and creativity. A model and illustrations of Iliyana Ilieva.

The model is machine-cut and ready to assemble. It is made of high quality, hard, aquarelle cardboard, suitable to be colored with color pencils, crayons and felt-tip pens. It is not suitable to be colored with water color and other water-based paints!

For greater convenience we recommend the model to be colored when still not folded. There is a place left for the child to write the number of the house – by themselves or with the help of an adult.

When coloring is done, the 3D model is to be folded along the lines and the shaded fields should be glued together. The fields with arrows in the foundation of the house are to be folded to the inside for better stability. The fields with the arrows in the upper triangular parts of the side walls are also to be folded to the inside and when desired these can be also glued to the roof, for greater fixedness.

Unique and colorful, the sunny 3d house is now ready! It is exciting to see how the painting turns into a real, voluminous and color house!

An entertaining occupation for your kid, which can afterwards be used in their play.

W: 11.8 cm. H: 22.5 cm. D: 7 cm.


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