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General Terms & Conditions

Scope of the General Conditions

These General Conditions apply to all pages on website. Visiting the website and purchasing products from it you unconditionally agree to the described hereto General Conditions. If you do not agree to the General Conditions, please discontinue your visit on the website. The conditions for shipping, payment and return of products apply to all items on the website being ordered by final customers. The conditions for shipping, payment and return of products do not apply to businesses, ordering products wholesale, in which case an individual commercial agreement is concluded with each of them.

Purchasing through the website and ways of payment

The website offers products which can be ordered online and paid on the Internet in one of the following ways:
- by entering data for the bank card. Visa and MasterCard are accepted – credit and debit;
- though the PayPal system where the client needs to have a registration.

Ways of ordering items

Ordering items from the website is done by adding them to the Cart (“Your Cart”), selecting the way of shipping, filling-in information required for delivery and finalizing the order by payment on the Internet (by credit/debit card or through PayPal).

Time for shipping the ordered products

The ordered products are shipped within 5 (five) work days from receiving the payment.

For date of receiving the payment is considered the date of the transaction.

Responsibility for delivery

The website delivers the products by international mail service by sending the ordered goods via Bulgarian Posts. The website fills in correctly the address, indicated when the order was placed and does not bear any responsibility for products that have not been delivered because of incomplete, incorrectly submitted or not existing address. It is clients’ sole responsibility to fill in correctly the full address for delivery, as well as a valid email address, which will be used for sending the confirmation for the placed order and the receipt for the payment made.

The website is responsible for not delivering the ordered goods through their own fault and in this case the website shall refund the buyer 100% of the amount paid.

Actions when delivery is impossible

In case the delivery cannot be made (the ordered goods returns to sender) because of incorrect or incomplete address, the website makes at least 3 attempts to contact the client on the provided telephone number and/or email with the purpose of specifying and correcting the incorrect data. The attempts are made within 5 consequent work days starting from the day when it becomes clear why delivery was impossible. If the contact with the client is successful re-shipping is made after correcting the delivery information. In this case if the website owes additional payment for the postal service, the client has to pay for it beforehand, for which they are being informed at the time of specifying the delivery information.

Security of data used for payment by credit/debit cards

The website DOES NOT receive, DOES NOT collect and DOES NOT store bank card data from the bank cards used for making online payments. When paying directly by card, the data are entered in a protected website for payments which is serviced by the Bulgarian National Card Operator BORICA servers. When paying through PayPal, the data for the card used for the payment are stored by PayPal and the payment itself is made on the payment website, serviced by the PayPal servers. In both cases the website only receives information about the status of the transaction.

Right to return products and be refunded amounts

In accordance with the Bulgarian legislation every client has the right to return some or all ordered on the Internet items within 14 days from the date of their receipt, without having to specify a reason. Returned items must not have been used and must be in their original packaging. Return is done by sending the products the client doesn’t want, to the following address:

Delivery costs for returned items are at the client’s expense.  

Within 3 work days after receipt of returned items, the amount for their purchasing is refunded in one of the following ways:
- when paid directly by card – by reverse transaction to the card which the purchase had been made by. If due to technical reasons such transaction is impossible, the client must provide a PayPal account to which the amount shall be transferred;
- when paid through the PayPal system – to the client’s PayPal account from which the payment had been made.

All delivery costs for returning purchased items are not subject to refund.

Party under distance selling agreement

Ordering items from the website the client enters into an agreement for their distance selling. Party under this agreement on behalf of the website, depending on the selected way of payment is:
- when direct payment by card party under the Agreement on behalf of the website is Over-ground Ltd., registered under the Bulgarian law, VAT number for EU: BG103868160;
- when payment through PayPal system, party under the Agreement on behalf of the website is Informano Ltd., registered under the Bulgarian law, company identification number: 201068999.

Contact with the MERCHANT

For contact with the merchants – parties under the Selling Agreement – you can use the phone number +359 52 983 590 or send an email using the Contact Form on the website.

Using content from the website

The contents on the website is subject to copyright and is protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act in force in Republic of Bulgaria and by the international conventions protecting copyright.

You can freely share, publish and send links to each of the pages of the website without limitation and without commitment and approval on the part of the website. Fragments from the content on the website can be quoted only when stating the source by indicating the URL of the page (full URL), from which the quote is taken.

Sharing visual content from the website by directly indicating an image through its URL is prohibited. Sharing visual content from the website can be done only by indicating the URL on which the image in question appears.  

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